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Dell Cyber Recovery's reliable digital bunker

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Dell Cyber Recovery's reliable digital bunker

Dell Technologies
Cyberattacks are the enemy of data-driven businesses 

Data is the currency of the economy and the most important asset that needs to be protected and at the same time accessible at all times. Today's global marketplace relies on a constant flow of data through interconnected networks, and digital transformation efforts are putting more sensitive data at risk.

In the era of cyberwarfare, where the threat of information attacks is felt every day, the importance of ensuring reliable data protection becomes critical. Cybercrime has evolved into a constant threat to companies of all sizes and industries. According to statistics, a cyberattack occurs every 11 seconds, with an average cost of $13 million in damages, and its consequences can include business interruption, reputational damage, and lawsuits due to data breaches.

Particularly in Ukraine's critical infrastructure and financial services sectors, the need for a cyber resilience strategy is critical. Recent attacks, such as the one against Kyivstar, emphasize the seriousness of the impact of security breaches.

So what can you do to protect your organization, your customers, your employees, and their valuable data?

Dell Cyber Recovery's enterprise data protection is your trusted digital silo

To reduce business risks from cyberattacks and create a more cyber-resilient approach to data protection, you can modernize and automate your recovery and business continuity strategies and use the latest intelligent tools to detect and protect against cyber threats.

The Dell Cyber Recovery family of software not only protects, but moves critical data away from the attack surface by physically isolating it in a secure part of the data center, creating a secure silo for your information, where critical data is kept in a separate, secure vault. This prevents hackers from accessing isolated copies in the event of an attack, ensuring faster data recovery and the integrity and availability of the information you need.

Cyber Recovery

"This product is an ideal solution for financial institutions that work with a large amount of confidential data and need to guarantee its protection in the most difficult conditions," comments ALESTA's server solutions expert. Dell Cyber Recovery allows you to customize protection and recovery to meet the specific needs of your business, optimizing incident recovery time through automated procedures that allow you to quickly and confidently bring critical business systems back online.

Dell not only provides data protection, but also demonstrates high standards of cyber hygiene. Investing in cybersecurity is becoming not only a technical necessity, but also a strategic choice that emphasizes the company's commitment to long-term security and customer trust. With the development of Dell Cyber Recovery, the company reinforces its positive image in the market and strengthens its position as a leader in innovation and reliability.

Technical aspects and practical application

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery uses advanced technology to create an "air gap" to isolate the network and eliminate management interfaces that could be compromised. This method isolates and protects critical data in a special electronic vault that has no direct external connections, minimizing the possibility of access during cyberattacks. The tool automates data synchronization between systems, including open systems and mainframes, as well as the vault, creating immutable copies with secure retention policies. Automated encryption and replication policies ensure data integrity and security on a daily basis. So in the event of a cyberattack, you can quickly identify a clean copy of your data, restore critical systems, and get your business back up and running.

Benefits of Dell Cyber Recovery for financial institutions

1. Protection against data leakage. Strong encryption and data isolation protect against unauthorized access and leaks, providing comprehensive protection of confidential information.
2. Compatibility with regulatory standards. Dell Cyber Recovery helps financial institutions comply with international data protection standards and regulations, reducing the risk of legal consequences and ensuring a high level of customer and regulatory confidence.
3. Fast recovery from incidents. Effective recovery mechanisms based on golden copy technology and automated recovery processes ensure rapid response to incidents and minimize downtime, which is critical for financial institutions.
4. Optimization of data protection costs. Due to its high level of automation, Dell Cyber Recovery reduces the need for manual operations and allows for more efficient use of IT staff resources, significantly reducing the overall cost of security and data management infrastructure.
5. Customer confidence and positive corporate reputation. Using Dell Cyber Recovery emphasizes financial institutions' commitment to high data security standards, which strengthens customer confidence and positively affects corporate reputation.

6. Flexibility and scalability. Dell Cyber Recovery offers solutions that are easily scalable and adaptable to changing business needs, enabling you to grow and adapt without having to make major changes to your information systems.

Strategic impact on the business

Given the constant threat of cyberattacks and strict regulatory standards, Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery is the ideal solution not only for financial institutions, but also for any business interested in protecting its data from external and internal threats.

Dell Cyber Recovery is more than just a data protection solution: it is a comprehensive tool that helps strengthen information security, ensure compliance with the highest regulatory standards, and implement strategic risk management initiatives. Given the high level of risk and complexity of today's cyberspace, Dell's solution not only protects against potential threats, but also helps build long-term, sustainable customer relationships based on trust and confidence in the security of their data. This product is designed to integrate with existing IT infrastructures and minimize system interruptions, providing a powerful impetus to optimize the technological component of companies. The use of advanced algorithms and technologies, such as data deduplication, not only reduces data storage costs but also improves the efficiency of recovery systems.
Investing in this protection system is not only a guarantee of business continuity, ensuring stability and security in the face of ever-changing cyber threats, but also a strategic step that allows companies to respond to current challenges and work proactively, actively adapting to possible threats and regulatory changes.

As such, Dell Cyber Recovery is coming to the forefront as a means of recovering data from cyberattacks and an important element of strategic cybersecurity management, enabling companies to thrive in the face of constant uncertainty and threats. Building a cyber resilience culture and strategy.

Additional consulting services from cybersecurity experts at ALESTA, the only system integrator in Ukraine with the highest Titanium partner status from Dell, will help you determine which business-critical systems need to be protected and help you design the infrastructure needed to restore them.

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Experts will formulate recovery requirements and select the best technologies for analyzing, hosting, and protecting your data, as well as provide a business case and timeline for implementing your cybersecurity strategy.

Request a consultation to learn more about how PowerProtect Cyber Recovery can give you the confidence to quickly recover your data and resume business operations after a cyberattack.