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AI-powered cyber resilience: data recovery and protection with Dell Data Protection

Dell Technologies

AI-powered cyber resilience: data recovery and protection with Dell Data Protection

Dell Technologies

In today's world, no one can remain indifferent to the importance of data protection, even those who are not involved in the professional field of technology and cybersecurity. Recent large cyberattacks, such as the one that happened to Kyivstar, remind us of this need and attract the attention of a wide audience. The role of corporate data backup and recovery is becoming extremely important. 

In particular, the importance of these solutions is growing due to the constant threat of data loss or damage as a result of accidental or intentional events. Such solutions must provide reliable recovery and protect backed-up data from the ever-changing threat landscape. In addition, they must provide a quick response to data recovery in the event of traditional disasters or ransomware attacks.

Given the architecture of today's IT infrastructures that utilize hybrid and multi-cloud environments, SaaS applications that contain large amounts of data, backup and recovery solutions must offer effective capabilities to simplify data protection management regardless of the type and location of the underlying infrastructure - on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Dell Technologies' data protection solutions are ideally suited to overcome these challenges. They offer high-performance technologies from the edge to the core to the cloud, delivering modern, transformative and automated data protection for all workloads.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager software is a software-defined data protection tool that is also available as an integrated appliance. It provides automatic detection, deduplication, operational flexibility, self-service functionality, and IT management for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It also supports transparent snapshots for simplified backup of virtual machine images, which improves backup performance, reduces costs, and simplifies management to reduce the risk of data loss.

Dell PowerProtect DD series combines storage capacities of up to 1.5 PB for physical or virtual storage (97.5 PB for logical storage), computing, and next-generation Data Domain deduplication technology. The innovative Smart Scale feature allows multiple DD series devices to be combined, providing up to 48 PB of usable capacity and over 3 EB of logical capacity with typical deduplication rates configured in a single namespace. This enables you to optimize protection storage, manage workload placement, perform migrations with automatic redirection, and gain valuable capacity insights and recommendations for your entire environment to predict capacity utilization of integrated data protection appliances.

Dell Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data protection software that combines monitoring and management functions that can be deployed on physical hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud.

Dell PowerProtect DP series is a converged all-in-one solution that provides complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, search and analytics, and seamless integration with VMware - all in one appliance. The solution is easily managed through a single, intuitive console, and getting started is simplified with a fully automated deployment process.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides immutability, isolation, and intelligence to protect critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats.

In addition, Dell provides "protection as a service" through Dell Technologies APEX (APEX Backup Services, APEX Cyber Recovery Services, etc.), which provides a powerful set of functionalities while reducing the operational complexities and challenges of modern IT operations.

Dell Data Protection Profit

The portfolio provides cyber-resilient, multi-cloud backup and disaster recovery in the cloud, integration with VMware, and continuous replication for point-in-time recovery to protect proven and modern workloads. The high degree of interoperability between systems enables advanced capabilities such as on-demand scaling and one-touch updates, which simplifies environment management and ensures data integrity in line with business goals. 

For control and automation, PowerProtect Data Manager provides a single dashboard for all systems to simplify processes and provides global control over application backups for compliance and governance.

What are you getting?

1. Availability of all virtual machines at any scale: Transparent snapshots make it easy to back up virtual machine images with virtually no impact on virtual machines or resources.

2. Replicate data to and from the cloud using the on-premises version of PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition or APEX Protection Storage for public cloud for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.

3. Protect data for a variety of enterprise organizations and their traditional applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SAP, and Oracle.

4. Protection against Ransomware and Cyber Recovery: Cyber Recovery moves critical data away from the point of attack by physically isolating it in a secure part of the data center or public cloud environment. Access to this data requires separate credentials and multi-factor authentication. By applying machine learning and analytics techniques, it is possible to detect damage to the data warehouse in time and identify a clean backup for restoration, allowing you to return to normal operation.

Why Is It Important?

The main challenges facing IT managers in the area of data protection include strengthening security, improving the IT experience for employees and customers, and optimizing processes to enable digital transformation. However, the rising costs of remediation, disruptions and downtime, as well as the cost of new and rapidly changing technologies, are taking up an increasing share of the annual IT budget. The main challenge is to extract value from data and protect data warehouses, which are rapidly growing in complexity. These challenges are not mutually exclusive; in fact, customers have proven that they can all be met with effective, end-to-end data protection solutions from Dell.

We believe that a balanced approach to administrator self-service combined with centralized IT infrastructure management is a key element of any team's data management strategy. That's why we recognize Dell Data Protection products in our portfolio of solutions and recommend them to our customers.

Why do clients choose ALESTA?

ALESTA is a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner with all possible competencies from the vendor, namely:

  • Core Client
  • Networking
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Converged/Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Data Protection

ALESTA also has the Service Sales competence. All of these merits confirm the deep knowledge and high qualifications of our team, which is recognized by Dell Technologies. Moreover, ALESTA was awarded the Best Storage Partner by Dell Technologies for 2023.

Our certifications in Storage, Server, APEX, and Data Protection provide compelling reasons to trust us as a partner in developing your storage and data protection strategy with the Dell Data Protection Portfolio

Protect all your data and applications with backup, disaster recovery, and long-term storage

We always offer the best possible solutions based on your business objectives, requirements, and budget.

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