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Effective management of information security and data protection

A considerable threat to modern business is cyber attacks. 

When data becomes the lifeblood of business, and confidentiality issues continue to grow, navigating in the dynamic data protection environment becomes a necessity.

Cybersecurity statistics show that:

  • 2 200 cyber attacks occur per day at a frequency of every 39 seconds.
  • 300 000 new malicious programs are created daily, 92% of which are delivered via email and have an average detection period of 49 days.
  • Cybercrime and the lack of cybersecurity will re-enter the top ten most serious global risks over the next decade, ranking 8th alongside issues such as climate change and forced migration.

Despite the fact that for the last 7 years, the primary targets of cyber attacks have been critical infrastructure, industry, and manufacturing sectors, as well as the financial and banking sector, 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses, with 60% of victims ceasing operations within six months.

What to rotect against?

Technologies and best practices in cybersecurity protect critical systems and confidential information from the rapid growth of sophisticated cyber attacks: phishing, malware, targeted attacks, DDoS, internal threats provoked by employees.

What does ALESTA offer?

Enhancing resilience to cyber risks, preventing data leaks and reputation damage, minimizing the risk of financial loss, optimizing investments in cybersecurity through a comprehensive approach to implementing information protection products and cybersecurity services at all levels of your business:

  • Infrastructure Protection (SIEM, SOAR, Threat Intelligence)
  • Network Protection (Deception, Secure Mail Gateway, Sandbox)
  • Application Protection (WAF, DDoS protection, Vulnerability Assessment & Management)
  • Data Protection (DLP, Encryption)
  • User Protection (PAM, Identity and Access Management)
  • Endpoint Protection (EDR, Antivirus protection)

For large enterprises, we also offer the design and creation of an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC).

Why is it important? 

In an era of escalating attacks and regulatory compliance control, enterprises must remain flexible, informed, and resilient to threats. 

By using cutting-edge technologies, adhering to rules, and prioritizing data security, organizations can not only navigate but also succeed in this constantly changing environment, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of their information assets.