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Engineering Systems

Engineering Systems

Physical security, disaster-resistant systems, and reliable IT process integrity

For effective storage and processing of vast amounts of information, modern enterprises successfully embrace server technologies commonly known as Data Centers. Integrated engineering communications of DCs, including power supply, conditioning, fire safety systems, and monitoring, ensure data processing even in extraordinary situations, making them a key advantage over regular servers.

To guarantee uninterrupted operation of the data center, a fault-tolerant infrastructure is necessary, which includes uninterruptible power supply systems, dispatching and monitoring systems, as well as structured cable networks. The optimal collaboration of all components of the DC's engineering system, supported by 24/7 monitoring, ensures the seamless operation of the deployed equipment. ALESTA offers a full range of services for designing and creating data center with various levels of TIER reliability.

Modular Data Center

Capable of easy scalability from a single server room to unlimited scales, thanks to incremental expansion of individual blocks of modular systems.

Container Data Center

Standard ISO containers directly house servers, providing mobility and transportability.

In the current situation in the country, the question of having your own DC becomes even more relevant: only this ensures uninterrupted operation, data storage security, and server reliability. In case of power outage, all servers automatically switch to backup power, and for equipment protection, the DC can be relocated.

DC Migration

A service provided by ALESTA to its clients: we organize turnkey migration, including consumables, racks, or units for placement, providing the necessary power, as well as creating backup infrastructure and the telecommunication network of the data center.

Why is it important?

Guaranteed seamless operation of servers, protection against unauthorized access, significant reduction in administrative costs, optimized use of company IT resources, and ensuring the security of IT systems – these are just a few of the benefits that businesses get when building their own Data Center.

What else does ALESTA offer? 

Often, engineering solutions remain unnoticed by end users, yet they are subjected to the same high standards of reliability and maintenance as the entire corporate information system because engineering solutions form its foundation. ALESTA designs and builds video surveillance and video analytics systems, access control, perimeter security, automated parking, process automation, uninterrupted power supply, etc., covering numerous key complexes. In designing and constructing such engineering systems, we address challenges related to systemic energy management, efficient use of material resources, personnel and asset management, as well as maintaining a high standard of quality and environmental sustainability.