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Specialized Software Tools

Specialized Software Tools

Flexible, scalable platforms for optimizing operational efficiency

The past and future of every scaling enterprise inevitably intertwine in the decision to automate its business processes. In this crucial choice, numerous arguments come into play, but at the core of attention lies the main goal—optimization and acceleration of internal mechanisms.

Business automation is achieved through the implementation and operation of a set of various software solutions, ensuring the minimization of routine processes and the optimization of labor and production resources.

Security Automation

The question of automation is particularly relevant for medium and large businesses, such as the industrial sector, banks, logistics, and transportation. The introduction of measures to automate the physical security of these organizations is especially crucial here, as ensuring their protection and safety poses a complex challenge: diverse technological systems, geographically dispersed assets, multifaceted threats, and a large security personnel require a high level of control and coordination.

NEMBUS Software

For this purpose, ALESTA offers specialized software solutions designed to transform traditional security systems using NEMBUS software. Built on the principles of technological stack flexibility, high availability, and maximum productivity, they are fully compatible with any organization's ecosystem, easily scaling with the growth of your business.

NEMBUS products safeguard assets, property, and the reliability of companies in the following industries:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing and Industry
  • Retail and Logistics


 A class-leading Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution. A multifunctional open software platform designed to create a comprehensive physical security system of any scale. It integrates multiple disparate security applications and devices (access control systems, video surveillance, fire and security alarms, perimeter security, etc.) at the data level and provides centralized management through a unified user interface.


  • Automated Control: A unified interface with real-time information from all security and life safety systems. Automatic processing of most security incidents and the generation of reports.
  • Highest Level of Security: Enhances the efficiency of the security department, minimizes risks, and reduces human error. 
  • Versatility: No ties to solution providers and technologies in the existing infrastructure. Full integration with existing systems, implemented by ALESTA specialists. 
  • Cost: The cost of the solution is significantly lower than alternative PSIM systems on the market.


Fintech solution for centralized monitoring and control of cash counting operations using banknote counters.

Banknote Counters Video Analytics software is an extension to existing video surveillance solutions in banks and financial institutions. It gathers, stores, and consolidates data from banknote sorters (cash counting machines), providing synchronized data to users.


Centralized Inspection: A unified interface with simultaneous information from all available cash counting operation control systems: counting machines, video surveillance, etc.

Versatility: Integration of the solution into the existing system, regardless of video equipment manufacturers.

Automation of Control: Real-time or offline automatic data retrieval; detection of workflow violations; additional control over employees' compliance with policies and rules.

Why is it important? 

Savings: Investing in high-tech software, companies use it either to increase efficiency or reduce costs. The company saves not only time but also resources associated with personnel, avoiding unnecessary investments in equipment and more. This approach contributes to increased turnover and profit.

Business Process Optimization: Reducing the time spent on each operation, clear definition of stages, responsible persons, and deadlines make the entire process more efficient, transparent, and well-adjusted. Proper task allocation among employees reduces the influence of the human factor and minimizes associated risks.

Business Transparency: The application of specialized corporate software allows employees to work in a unified information system, ensuring clients timely and quality service. It also provides managers with the ability to generate various reports and track real results of staff work.

While the volume of data and routine processes won't disappear, with the implementation of automation, you can delegate the execution of standard tasks to high-tech software and hardware. ALESTA is ready to provide support in analyzing business processes and implementing automation systems according to your needs.